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Hi, I'm Katey...

I’m glad that you’re considering doing some therapy. I believe that we all want to be loved, desired, and accepted for who we really are.


By getting to know yourself better, through therapy, you can become more accepting of yourself, as well as of others, and this can lead to better relationships with a lot more laughter along the way.


You are not alone. 

When you’re struggling with communication, change, finding meaning and purpose, or longing for a healthy work/life/love balance, then sharing with a therapist about your experiences, hopes, dreams, and disappointments can help.  Therapy begins and ends with conversation. You likely didn’t start out with the unhappiness that you’re feeling today. Somewhere along the road called “life” difficulties arose and sadness or anger set in. Perhaps people let you down; or you haven’t been able to achieve all that you wanted; or maybe you feel like you’re unable to be your authentic self because of the choices you’ve made along the way.


Together, in therapy, we can explore the meaning that you’re making of the experiences you’ve encountered. We can take a look at how these circumstances are informing you of who you are, and what you want to become. 


If you’re feeling resentful, sad, angry or powerless, then know that you are not alone. If you wish that things were different with the relationships in your life, then exploring how things might be different could be very helpful. Engaging in therapy can bring about insight, along with the skills necessary to move beyond the arguments, the distrust, and the isolation.



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