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Relationship Therapy

When it comes to resolving challenges in your relationship, it can be difficult to find the right approach, and not all therapies are created equal. Often when I ask a couple to tell me about the circumstances that have brought them into therapy, I’m told “We can’t communicate,” and “We don’t know how to deal with conflict.” It’s helpful for couples to learn how to recalibrate their communications, and to understand the underlying dynamics that have led to their disconnect. In therapy, we do that by engaging in intentional dialog, a process that helps both partners to feel that they are finally being heard. As an IMAGO therapist, I don’t view conflict as catastrophe, but rather as an opportunity for growth. This approach to therapy works to help couples find – or restore – the connection and the intimacy that’s been missing in their relationship, rather than just focusing on the problems that have developed over time.


Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshops

Believe it or not, it’s possible to transform your relationship in just one weekend! IMAGO clinicians agree that a GTLYW workshop is the equivalent of 3-6 months of couples’ therapy.


Based on the theory and exercises described in the NY Times Bestselling book by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D,  the Getting The Love You Want® Couples Workshop teaches you and your partner how to move your relationship toward a fulfilling partnership. It's a transformative journey that guides couples with practical tools and strategies to create satisfying and long-lasting relationships. 

The workshop is designed as an educational experience.  It may be therapeutic in terms of healing, and it may even be transformative, but it’s not couples therapy or group therapy.  You’re welcome to share with the group, but it’s certainly not required.  Most exercises are done between you and your partner, in a quiet setting. The added benefit is that by learning in a collaborative environment, with a few other couples, you begin to realize that you and your partner are experiencing many of the very same challenges that other couples have. The sense of isolation and distress that couples have when they’re in conflict dissipates with the group experience. Relationships are hard for everyone – this is a universal concept; IMAGO workshops are attended by thousands of couples in 20 countries, on five continents! Why is this? Because they’re highly effective. 

The Workshop Experience:

  • 2.5 day format, beginning on Friday night and wrapping up on Sunday afternoon

  • Getting the Love You Want manual and demonstrations of proven techniques

  • Vision planning to move your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary 

  • Practice opportunities to reinforce the new skills you acquire with your partner throughout the weekend. Though this is a group workshop, space and time are provided for private conversations that allow each couple to explore their own dynamics without group interaction. You are not required to share in any way. Feedback following the workshop informs that this experience feels safe, confidential, and comfortable.

Upcoming Workshops:


Workshop Testimonials:

“WOW! What a weekend! Thank you so much for helping us to hit the reset button on our relationship. We feel closer and more hopeful than we’ve felt in our 23 years of marriage.” 

– BG and MG

“We were so desperate before doing this workshop. It’s remarkable that in just one weekend we learned how to really listen to each other – for the first time! We were a little reluctant about being with other couples, but we really enjoyed it, and we learned a lot.” 

– AK and CJ

“This was eye opening for us. The new ways that we learned to be together, to talk to each other, and to make room for our differences – it’s all going to be so helpful! We also loved the relationship visioning exercise!” 

– KS and JS

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