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“This is what it feels like after therapy with Katey…Healthy, free and empowered!” -RR



“Katey is straight forward and extremely easy to open up to. She always has wise and practical input. She helped me to navigate a difficult situation and I’m so grateful.”  -KR  


“We felt pretty hopeless in our marriage and decided to give it one last shot in therapy, and I’m so glad that our friend suggested that we work with Katey. It wasn’t easy to repair the years of hurt, but we learned new ways to deal with our conflicts and to really talk to each other. We’re happier now and closer than ever before.”   -RG


“I felt that group therapy with Katey offered a safe place to talk about my experiences in unhealthy relationships. I felt supported and encouraged to make changes in my life.”  -TK


“Our adult kids were making blending our families impossible. We were worried that they’d never get along, and that they’d ruin all that was good between the two of us. Katey met with all of us together and helped us to set some reasonable expectations with the kids, while prioritizing our new marriage. Now family get togethers aren’t as stressful, and our relationship has never been better!”  -MD


“Therapy with Katey has made the most positive difference in my life. I’m so grateful for her words of wisdom and the skills I learned through counseling. The level of care that she provided during my most difficult time was far and above what I expected from any therapist.” -AL


“I never thought that trust could be restored after the affair, but Katey taught us a new love language called IMAGO, and it really works!”  -MC 


“My ex and I were struggling to co-parent after our divorce. Katey helped me to set aside the guilt and shame I had about making our kids’ lives more difficult, and to focus on the next chapter. I know now that the kids will be OK, and so will I.”   -SM

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